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Innovative cut flower products

Chrysal provides a range of cut flower products creating excellence in care for cut flowers from harvest to vase. Dejex Supplies offer Chrysal products for each phase in the life of a cut flower creating longer lasting flowers for commercial growers.

Chrysal also provide bespoke range of feeds and products for the professional grower. Based on many years of research Chrysal has developed innovative care products including Chrysal Specialities. These are specially designed feeds for the needs of specific bouquet types and cut flowers such as; roses, lilies and bulb flowers.

Below are the main Chrysal products Dejex Supplies offer. There are many other products for specific growing situations, please contact us for advice and ordering.

Chrysal Clear Professional 1:

Chrysal Clear Professional 1 is an all-purpose re-hydrating solution after dry transport.

Chrysal Clear Professional 2 New Generation:

Chrysal Clear New Professional 2 is an improved and concentrated nourishment for all cut flowers during transport and in store.

Chrysal AVB:

Post-harvest conditioner for ethylene sensitive summer flowers.

Chrysal CVBN:

Improved Gerbera treatment in tablet form for Gerbera, Germini and other cut flowers. This product is used by most cut flower producers to improve water quality in transport.

Please find further details for Chrysal products below:

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