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Master Wett
A polythene modified trisiloxane super wetter. For use with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and some foliar fertiisers in arable crops, horticulture, vines and forestry.

Herbi-AKtiv (SU Wett)
Herbi-AKtiv (SU Wett) is a spray ''activator'' for use with sulphonyl urea and all translcated herbicides giving wetting, spreading and uptake benefits. It also allows reduction of water volumes giving more efficient working time and environmental benefits.

A wetter, spreader and uptake agent for use with all pesticides to improve coverage and uptake. A formulated product containing 10% organosilicone, + vegetable oil. Dual mode of action, giving wetting/spreading on the leaf surface, and adding penetration of the pesticide through the waxy leaf cuticle for better uptake and higher efficiency.

Glyphosate activator and pH adjuster. For use with Glyphosates, including tallow free formulations,Gly-AKtiv buffers the pH of the water and speeds up the activity of all Glyphosate formulations.

A cost-effective non-ionic wetter to increase the wetting and persistence of all pesticides, micronutrients and foliar fertilisers.

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