Hydro Range for leading disifectant products

Hydro Range Disinfectant Producrs

Hydro Range for leading disifectant products

Hydro.Cleanse 5 Ltr and 20 Ltr
Hydro.Cleanse is a broad spectrum peroxyacetic acid based disinfectant with efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores at low temperatures. Due to an improved surfactanHydro.Cleanse is especially effective when other organic matter is present. The product has a wide range of uses a biocide such as dipping bulb trays, disinfecting vegetable crates, farm equipment, groundcover and glasshouse structures. 5 Ltr and 20 Ltr drums available.

Hydro.Blast 10 Ltr 
Hydro.Blast is a product specifically designed for the cleaning out of irrigation systems and water storage tanks to remove biofilms and other unwanted deposits. Once diluted the product is safe to use through irrigation systems that may discharge over crops. It is recommended by the HSE under HSG274 Part 3 that horticultural misting and irrigation systems are cleaned and disinfected quarterly or as indicated by a risk assessment.The regular use of Hydro.Blast will help nurseries and farms meet regulatory requirements to control the risk of legionella bacteria exposure to staff
Removal of biofilms is also likely to improve water quality and reduce the incidences of oomycetae plant pathogens such as Pythiums and phytophthoras.
Hydro.Blast is a 50% stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution containing silver ions. 10 Ltr drum.

Hydro.Oxide 20 Ltr
Hydro.Oxide is a simple to use premixed chlorine dioxide solution which can be dosed directly into water storage tanks or irrigation systems. This stabilised solution gives all the additional benefits of a chlorine dioxide system without the need for expensive dosing equipment and handling of neat acids. The use of Hydro.Oxide in hydroponic systems will improve water quality and help to reduce incidences of omycetae plant pathogens such as Pythiums and Phytophthoras. 20 Ltr Drum.

Hydro Disinfection Walk Mats
Hydro.Walk mats are robust absorbent disinfection mats to help improve bio-security on nurseries and farms.
They can be placed at the entrances of glasshouses and buildings to ensure personnel are disinfecting boots as they pass through. This will disinfect the wheels of nursery trolleys and barrows also
Inside the Hydro.Walk has an absorbent capillary matting which can be soaked in a disinfectant such as Hydro.Cleanse to give comprehensive control of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. Size: 180cm x 90cm.

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