Mardenkro Glasshouse Shading

Glasshouse shading

Mardenkro Glasshouse Shading

ReduSystems is the name of a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate. ReduSystems coatings are sprayed onto greenhouse roofs and are weather- resistant for the entire season ReduSystems coatings can be removed at any time with Reduclean.

As no two situations are the same, ReduSystems prides itself on providing growers anywhere in the world with the solution they need. ReduSystems consists of three product lines you see below.

By also sharing our knowledge and experience, we strongly believe this enables growers worldwide to achieve the best growing results

Effective protection against excess heat and/or light.
Coatings that lower crop and greenhouse temperatures by reflecting heat-generating infrared light. The amount of grow-light that is transmitted depends on the choice of product.

Maximum light diffusion with minimum grow-light loss
Coatings that allow maximum sunlight diffusion, while maintaining high levels of grow-light
transmission. The amount of heat radiation (infrared) that is reflected depends on the choice of

Where innovations see the light
In the Mardenkro laboratory, new products are continuously developed in association with leading international research institutes, universities and growers. The specialities group consist of coatings designed for specific crops or climatic conditions. It also includes innovations that are to be tested further for efficacy in various crops.

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