ARS pruners and toolsCategory:  Horticultural Sundries
Manufacturer:  ARS

ARS Japan have been manufacturing the highest quality pruning tools since 1876. Dejex are distributors of this impressive range which includes saws, polesaws, secateurs, telescopic pruners, shears & loppers. Also available are products for fruit harvesting, floristry and general/handycraft uses.

The secret to the superior performance of ARS tools lies in steel quality, design, thermal treatment, grinding & hardening. ARS have developed their own specialised manufacturing techniques that are unique to the ARS range. There are many copies but none can match the Outstanding Sharpness and Functionality of ARS tools

Where can I buy ARS Tools? 
Please contact Dejex for more details of the ARS Tools product range for commercial horticulture including:
• ARS 300L and 200SS fruit pruning shears.
• ARS Pro arborist pruning saws.
• ARS Lopping shears.