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Biobest are a leading worldwide producer of macro biological controls for horticulture and agriculture. Biobest offer sustainable, natural solutions for pests and diseases. That - in combination with bumblebees – is their strength. Biobest offers a wide range of beneficial insects, mites and nematodes. Furthermore, Biobest focus on biopesticides, pheromones, traps and lures. Crops deserves a sustainable and complete approach; some pieces of the puzzle are missing but that’s where Biobest’s Research & Development department takes the lead. Biobest experts are constantly looking for new natural crop protection and pollination methods to counter new threats.

As a grower, you can introduce Biobest products in integrated pest management (IPM approach) or in biological farming. Initially, IPM takes care of natural solutions as a first line of defence. In case chemical corrections are needed, our advisors can inform you with their knowledge. Choice and timing are of inevitable importance in this stage in order to limit the impact on biological control thanks to our extensive knowledge about possible side effects of chemical control on different beneficials.

Where can I buy Biobest UK Products? 
Dejex distribute Biobest products for the Horticulture and Soft Fruit markets and work closely with Biobest to ensure our growers are getting up to date and accurate technical advice. A full range of Biobest biological controls can be purchased from Dejex, our Technical Team can also develop Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes with Biobest controls.

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