Compo Expert FertilisersCategory:  Fertilisers
Manufacturer:  Compo-Expert
Compo Expert are a primary manufacturer of high-quality specialty fertilisers and biostimulants in its two own fertilizer plants in Krefeld (Germany) and La Vall d 'Uixó (Spain), thus offering professional users safe solutions for the areas of fruits, vegetables, field crops, turf and public green as well as nursery and ornamentals.

Compo Expert’s innovative product range includes specialty mineral and stabilized fertilizers, slow and controlled release fertilizers, water soluble and liquid fertilizers as well as biostimulants, trace elements and soil conditioners. With this product range, COMPO EXPERT holds a leading market position.

Dejex play the role as the UK distribution hub for Compo Expert fertiliser products for horticultural markets.

Where can I buy Compo-Expert fertilisers?

Dejex supply a range of Compo Expert fertilisers including:
Hakaphos water soluble fertilisers.
Novatec slow release Nitrogen products.
Basacote controlled release fertiliser products.
Floranid slow release fertiliser products.
Basfoliar Kelp, Colour, Fruits, Vitanica RZ and many other foliar and liquid solutions.