Janny MT storage boxesCategory:  Horticultural Sundries
Manufacturer:  Janny MT

Janny MT specialise in controlled atmosphere storage for fresh produce systems. Janny MT produce pallet-boxes with a patented controlled atmosphere system to increase the shelf life of fresh produce. Below are some examples crops and the shelf life increase over standard cold storage.

Apple: 210 to 330 days
Plum: 50 days
Cherry: 25 days
Redcurrant: 40 days
Blackcurrants: 40 days
Blueberries: 35 days
Chestnuts: 75 days
Pear: 210 days

Asparagus: 25 days
Salad: 21 days
Chinese cabbage: 60 to 90 days
Lamb's lettuce: 14 days
Bean: 20 days
Spinach: 15 days

Rose: 20 d
Tulip: 20 d
Peony: 50 d

The Janny MT storage system has some specific advantages:
- Store during peak production.
- Maintain sales prices.
- Avoid weight loss.
- Store before flowering.
- Maintain taste quality and colour.
- Limit rot.
- Create buffer stocks.
- Gain end of season sales.

This leading storage solution used across Europe is now being marketed in the UK by Dejex.

Where can I buy Janny MT storage modules, pallets & crates? 
Dejex are the UK importers/distributors of the Janny MT system, please contact us for more information.

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