Oerlemans PlasticsCategory:  Nets, Polythene and Crop Cover
Manufacturer:  Oerlemans Plastics

Oerlemans Plastics is a manufacturer of flexible synthetic plastics and film products. Oerlemans continually develop new film and plastics concepts for the horticultural, plastics, retail and other industries.

Oerlemans products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and Oerlemans partner with Dejex in the UK for products in the horticulture sector. Satisfaction and quality are key elements in the solutions Oerlemans offer.

Where can I buy Oerlemans Plastics for horticulture? 
Dejex supply a range of Oerlemans Plastics for use in horticulture including clear propagation films, white propagation films and black floor polythene.