Poppelmann teku plant potsCategory:  Pots, Containers and Trays
Manufacturer:  Poppelmann Teku

The Teku range from Poppelmann Plastics offers a large variety of thermoformed and injection moulded pot and tray products for professional horticulture. The Teku range is known for its high quality and suitability for highly automated production systems.

The interaction between commercial growing expertise and the plastics technical know-how at Teku is evident in every single Teku product. Experts from various fields contribute their knowledge to product development and to optimising production processes. Dejex Supplies distribute Teku products in the UK.

Where can I buy Poppelmann Teku products? 
Please contact Dejex for more details of Teku’s product range for commercial horticulture including:
• Unique “Teku Blue” products, pots certified made from 100% kerb side recycled material and recyclable. A closed loop system.
• High quality colour pot printing.
• Pots, containers and trays for commercial systems

 Teku Products