Shield work glovesCategory:  Spraying Equipment and PPE
Manufacturer:  Shield Work Gloves

Shield Work Gloves are manufactured by Polyco Healthline who combine 85 years expertise of two leading businesses, providing protection and hygiene products and services suitable for farms and nurseries.

Shield’s wide and technical range, including reusable and disposable gloves and workwear, is trusted and used by the UK horticulture industry. Shield’s expert team drives research and development and maintains logistics and customer service levels to ensure just-in-time supply.

Designing, sourcing, licensing and selling products, they optimise every step across the global supply chain. Shield Work Gloves innovate in partnership with commercially-minded businesses to overcome their biggest challenges and to ensure a more compliant and safer environment.

Where can I buy Shield Work Gloves for horticulture? 
Dejex supply a range of Shield Work Gloves specifically for the horticulture market including heavy duty work gloves for manual handing, Nitrile gloves suitable for chemical spraying and latex disposable gloves for potting and propagation work.