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Sotrafa are a leading European manufacturer of polythene films. Sotrafa’s product range includes Spanish Tunnel covers, mulching plastics and perforated polythene. Dejex Supplies distribute for Sotrafa across the UK supplying 100’s of hectares of polythene for field grown crops each year. Sotrafa’s Spanish Tunnel covers are highly effective and include a High Diffusion range.

Perforated field scale polythene:

Over the years Dejex Supplies have supplied a large number of outdoor veg, salad and cut flower producers with field scale polythene for frost protection and helping to bring forward early spring production of a variety of crops. Sotrafa’s perforated films have an excellent reputation for quality and durability and are produced to a thickness of 45mu whereas most competitors are 38mu, this provides up to 0.25°C of extra frost protection.

Where can I buy Sotrafa Plastic films for horticulture
Dejex supply a range of Sotrafa Plastics for use in horticulture including:

Key Products:
• Perforated field scale polythene.
• Black mulching and carrot films.
• Spanish Tunnel Polythene Covers.

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