Nitrogen Fertilisers

Buy the most effective nitrogen fertilisers to boost your plant growth.


Despite the fact that nitrogen is one of the most abundant elements on the planet, its deficiency is a prevalent nutritional problem in plants. It is mainly because plants are unable to obtain nitrogen from the air or the earth's crust. This is where nitrogen fertilisers can be of great help. These fertilisers suffice your setup with a pathway to natural air, ensuring seamless photosynthesis throughout your horticulture.  

Role Of Nitrogen Fertilisers

Bio nitrogen, in the form of organic nitrogen fertiliser, is a non-polluting, non-chemical, and non-toxic source of nitrogen and promotes ​​higher vegetative growth & enhances the physiological maturity of plants. 

They are especially useful for young plants that are only beginning to establish themselves in the soil, to give them the best chance of good establishment in different environments. 

Over the years, Dejex has been assisting commercial horticulture businesses in improving the nutrient value in their soil and plant growth. Our approach towards a cost-effective, environmentally sustainable nitrogen fertiliser makes us one of the top fertiliser sellers in the UK. 

How To Use Nitrogen Fertilisers

If you've tested your soil and discovered that it's deficient in nitrogen nutrients, you have many alternatives to ensure that your plants get the aid they require. After you've decided on the best brand for your crop, you'll need to figure out how much nitrogen fertiliser you'll need based on the size of the area. All of the information necessary for this stage can be found on the fertiliser label. 

For more assistance on its application, it's best to speak with a FACTs trained advisor. During the growing season, you may need to reapply fertiliser every 4 to 6 weeks, putting organic fertilisers into the top few inches of the soil or spreading chemical nitrogen products on top of the soil.

If there isn't any rain, you'll need to water the area so that the fertiliser breaks down into a usable form. However, too much nitrogen in your soil might cause problems for your plants, such as iron deficiency, which can produce yellowing leaves. 

So be careful of the amount of fertiliser you add into the soil and do your homework on what's best for your soil and the plants you're growing. If you require assistance, keep in mind that the Dejex crew is always willing to assist.

Why Choose Dejex?

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From supplying nurseries to guiding you with the necessary basics of crop nutrition, our trained horticulture experts bring you all the expertise to ensure optimum nutrition & growth of your plants.

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